Is it worth buying an extended warranty for a laptop? (8 Best Questions Answered)


Laptop warranties are considered a cost-proof measure since any damage that occurs on its own or through software may impact our pockets if not covered by the warranty. Companies typically provide a limited warranty period (usually one year) during which any defects in a laptop can be repaired free of charge. In some scenarios, brands may replace the entire laptop, providing customers with a fresh new piece if the issues are deemed beyond repair or depending on the priority of the customer. These warranties cover any hardware faults, non-functioning internal components, or other malfunctions. However, damages or malfunctions caused by the owners are usually not considered under warranty.

Is It Worth Buying an Extended Warranty for a Laptop? Read on to learn more!

Is it worth it to buy an extended warranty for a laptop?

Certainly, yes, because laptops are vulnerable devices and are not very shockproof or damage-proof compared to smartphones. Smartphones can generally handle rough treatment and withstand minor splashes or scratches, while laptops, on the other hand, can be easily damaged. The cost of repairing laptops is also relatively higher than that of smartphones, as laptops are constructed using many components, and even slight exposure to dust or water can cause significant damage.

To stay on the safer side, it is always recommended to purchase an extended warranty if you are already spending a few hundred or thousands of bucks on your laptop.

If you are on a tight budget and have spent your last dime on buying the best machine with no money left, you can opt out of this option. However, consider taking good care of your laptop. You can refer to this article for more context on this matter.

Is it worth buying an extended warranty for laptops?

Do laptops have international warranty?

Yes, laptops do come with international warranties to some extent, or at least for high-end laptops. This information will be covered and mentioned in the terms and conditions section or in the warranty card that comes within the box. Some may ask, “What does international warranty for a laptop mean?” Well, it generally means that your laptop can be repaired in any country that has service centers for the laptop brand you own, and it falls under the international warranty period.

However, you should also take this information with a pinch of salt, as most companies for their budget or mid-range laptops offer only limited international warranty, which excludes certain benefits like accidental damage protection and onsite warranties. We need to be very mindful of this matter while buying a laptop.

Do laptop brands offer extended warranties after the sale?

Laptop brands typically offer extended warranties either at the time of purchase or provide a limited time window for warranty extension. However, if your laptop is already out of warranty and you wish to obtain additional coverage, your only option may be to purchase an add-on warranty or, to some extent, consider insurance from a third party such as Bajaj Finserv.

The question arises: should you buy extended warranties directly from the laptop brands we prefer, or is it acceptable to purchase from a third-party provider? It is highly recommended to opt for the laptop brands’ extended warranties at the time of purchase. This choice is advantageous because they come without hidden conditions and can provide a sense of relaxation. Additionally, claims are likely to be easily processed, and there may be additional benefits associated with purchasing directly from the laptop brands.

Are extended warranty costly?

Generally, extended warranties, if purchased from laptop brands, may cost anywhere between 2% and 10%, depending on the number of years of extended warranty you are buying. This cost also varies across laptop ranges; premium laptops come with a hefty amount compared to other budget laptops. However, in general, the warranty coverage for the first year is usually free of cost or is included when you make a purchase.

When should one consider buying an extended warranty for laptops?

Like most electronic devices, laptops come with a manufacturer’s one-year warranty when you make a purchase. However, it’s interesting to ask yourself: Is that sufficient for you? If you are a heavy gamer or use laptops in harsh conditions for an extended period daily, such as 6-8 hours or more, then you should definitely consider buying an extended warranty. This is because you wouldn’t want to incur unexpected costs that could disrupt your daily activities or tasks. For individuals who rely solely on laptops to earn their living, an extended warranty provides a guarantee of relaxation, ensuring that you can get your laptop repaired free of cost or with minimal charges.

Who should consider buying an extended warranty for laptops?

If you are a school student, working professional who needs to travel often, homemaker, heavy gamer, or an individual who doesn’t treat their laptop very well, then an extended warranty is definitely for you. All these personalities engage in daily activities that can cause fragile damage to laptops or expose them to higher chances of physical damage. Extended warranties will guarantee you peace of mind to some extent and alleviate concerns about laptop repair costs.

Are extended warranties a scam?

No, they are not a scam or, at least, an attempt to rob you. Extended warranties have proven to be a wise investment for many individuals. Take my example: I bought an extended warranty for 2 years, in addition to the initial 1 year offered by the manufacturer. After two and a half years of usage, I faced an OS-related problem without an OS backup. Since my laptop was well within the warranty period, the laptop brand took full responsibility, providing the OS backup and diagnosing and fixing the problem on the same day. This not only saved me from potential humiliation the next day at college but also ensured I could deliver an important presentation. Such measures can be lifesaving and will undoubtedly save you some costs.

Will they replace laptops under extended warranty?

For premium laptops, yes, if the issue persists, and the purchase is made within 2 months, or at least, that is what I know from inquiring with my close circles. However, it’s not necessary that they will always replace laptops under the warranty period. In most cases, brands will only repair damages or malfunctions, and that too free of cost, returning the laptop to you. Negotiations with the brand’s service centers can also play a role, and I’ve seen people getting their laptops replaced even after 9 months of usage. However, such luck is only enjoyed by a few. Always consider that any repairs under the warranty period will be fixed by the brand in the service center free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does extended warranty cover in a laptop?
    All the hardware components, display, speakers, keyboard, track pad should be covered under the warranty period.

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